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This DetFilmsHD pre-keyed footage is delivered as 1080p PNG and Prores Quicktimes.

Clicking on a preview will launch a secure Gumroad overlay. You can also right-click on the link, choose "open in new window" and be taken directly to the product page.

There is no difference between the 24p and 30p versions other than the frame rate. Both have exactly the same frames.


An ambulance explodes in flame!

Click for Preview!


A modern ambulance/EMT vehicle explodes in miniature, appropriately slowed for coolness! We've included the rough sound of the burst charge in case you wish to use it. Shot with our GH5 in slo-mo 1920 x 1080 HD and pre-keyed for ease in both PNG and ProRes Quicktime formats!

24p Version! Click for preview!

30p Version! Click for preview!

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