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All DetFilmsHD pre-keyed footage is delivered as 1080p PNG Quicktime.

Here we demonstrate all four being used in a test scene. Clips are individual -- we're just showing them all in a single shot here.

Want some sounds from the shoot? Free download here!


Yet another HDBR (High Desert Bombing Run) for some black dirt explosions -- because not every battle takes place in dry sand. These are ideal for WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Civil War movies, or anywhere you need an explosion with black dirt. Speed them up 200% or 300% for grenades or mortars; use as is for bombs. Four individual pre-keyed clips that stay in frame, in your choice of 24p or 30p versions. Unkeyed blue versions (originally shot in AVCHD) also included!

24p -- Click For Preview!


30p -- Click For Preview!


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